One of my healthy obsessions has always been tea.  A favorite being honey, ginger, lemon tea which I would buy from a local coffee shop which went out of business (and took my healthy obsession along with them).  Another café (Sunberry Café) opened up and offers a similar version which I am pleased with. 

I did have a desire to drink far more tea at home and decided to give this journey a go. And here I’ll share a quick video on how I do it.  I used a tea brewing chamber, fresh lemon, ginger, honey loose leaf tea (not teabags) and hot water. 
Tea lover here exploring the most cost effective way to make tea at home.  I used all fresh/natural ingredients:

Lemon (thin slices)
Ginger (grated)
Local honey
Tea (loose tea leaves NOT tea bags)
Boiling hot water

I used the Perfect Tea Maker from Teavana.  Please note this is NOT an endorsement/review of the product.  I do love it a lot and recommend it.  It's $30 and can be found here:


I allowed my tea to brew for one hour.  The longer you allow it to brew the better it will taste.  Enjoy!

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I just love the flavor of the fresh ginger lemon tea and it's good for health too as per my concern. But i never know how to prepare it. I didn't expect this could have such easy process.


Thanks for such a great post and it is really good for health.


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