I am honored to feature another gem in Hartford that is owned by a colleague and friend, Myeicka Gittens. The Suite Spot Nail Lounge & Boutique is a hip, lounge style nail salon located in Hartford CT.
HG: Why did you start the Suite Spot?

Myeicka: I worked in customer service/sales field for over 12 years and when I went to the nail salon, I felt I was spending my money on place that didn’t cater to me. Their customer. Although I would leave with a great manicure it was at a cost. I sat in uncomfortable fold up chairs, breathed in strong acrylic fumes, and if I came with a friend…if we didn’t get the same service, you could forget catching up, because we’d be in a separate room.  I decided to look for a place that was chic and socially oriented, where friends could hang out and get a quality manicure at an affordable rate. (wine would be a plus!) I was also seeking a healthier option to the walk in salons because I believe you shouldn’t have to breathe in potentially harmful chemicals just to look good. When I couldn’t find one, The Suite Spot was born.
HG: Why did you choose Hartford?

Myeicka: I was born and raised in Hartford and so it has a special place in my heart. When I was younger my uncle, who is a former NBA player use to run his basketball camps in the summer in Sands Apartments (where I lived) and donated free turkeys for Thanksgiving and I remembered how proud I was to be a small part of that. Looking back it meant a lot to the community. This is the reason why The Suite Spot is so involved in our community and why Hartford is still important to me now.
HG: What is your greatest challenge with running the Suite Spot in Hartford?

Myeicka: In other towns, there are a variety of green and eco – conscious nails salons. In Hartford there is an abundance of walk-in nail salons on every corner and all offer acrylic services. Deciding to base The Suite Spot (which is a natural nail salon who does not offer acrylic services or artificial nails) in Hartford meant to create my own customer base from scratch. It wouldn’t be as easy as putting up a sign that says “We do nails” because now we have to educate our customers about who we are and the value of our service. We’re more than nails and your health is important to us. We offer a great experience on top of superior customer service and quality nail care. We’re perfect for small groups to have private parties, for Girls Night Out, or just because. Our mission is to raise the bar on your expectations at the nails salon…not the price tag.

Hartford residents and visitors can enjoy a buy one get one 50% manicure special at Suite Spot Nail Lounge by using code "We Love Hartford"! Learn more by visiting the Suite Spot Nail Lounge website here, in the Hartford Girl black book here or just stop in. And don't forget to check out Suite Spot Nail Lounge feature post on Humans of Hartford, Hartford Girl and the Love Hartford Instagram accounts!

I hope to see you in beautiful Suite Spot Nail Lounge location soon!  

-Carmen "Hartford Girl" Veal

Learn more about the We Love Hartford Project created by three lovers' of Hartford: Humans of Hartford, Love Hartford & Hartford Girl, here!


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