I happily made my way to Glastonbury to enjoy happy hour with some awesome folks on the rooftop patio of Rooftop 120.  The setting felt like a mini vacation taking place somewhere in South Beach!  Of course that’s my imagination speaking, but it was the perfect Friday evening.  Curiosity led me to try their eggplant fries,  HEAVENLY!  I am a lover of my hometown (Hartford) but a day away at a great venue with hassle free parking is ALWAYS ideal.  Check out rooftop 120 soon!  Visit their website here!
*Reference 4/27/15 "Oh, Happy Hour Bingo" post here

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially news that negatively impacts my usual cool, calm and collected self as well as my event planning firm.   I previously announced my plan to offer Hartford Happy Hour Bingo events.  While they WILL still go on,  unfortunately the City of Hartford’s Marketing, Events & Cultural Affairs (MECA) Division will NO longer be a sponsor.   Because of unforeseen circumstances, they have decided they are no longer able to commit to the agreement.  Since one monkey doesn't stop the show, the Happy Hour Bingo events will continue and will be better than originally planned.  The series will begin the first Tuesday in July (as opposed to June).  My awesome team of event planners will have full details in our upcoming Hartford Girl newsletter e-blast. So stay tuned!
Looking for something fun and cool to do?  Come check out the inside of the Memorial Arch at the Bushnell Park!  Tours of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Arch are available on Thursday afternoons from 12-1:30pm starting May 7th.  

The Carousel is currently undergoing renovations that will allow it to remain open all year round.  It will re-open sometime in mid-August.  Once we have an official re-opening date, you will be one of the first ones to know, so stay tuned!
In case you didn't know, Monday- Friday, the Elm Street (and Pump House) side of Bushnell park is lined with food trucks!  The options are unlimited and is a super cool place to try some new, or even old favorites in downtown Hartford.  If you happen to be in downtown Hartford during the day support these awesome food trucks. 
I've decided to pair the We Love Hartford Vendor Market with the 2nd annual Hartford Art Crawl, which will take place in September.  This event will highlight amazing artistes especially from businesses in Hartford, that give the individuals who work, play and live there an exciting two year event.  Details will be forthcoming soon so save the date.  Oh, and if you own a business or are an artist, submit your contact information for participation opportunities HERE. 
Not much to elaborate on except that it's opening soon!  The sign is up, the shelves are being stocked and the store front space in downtown Hartford is slowly but surely filling up.  Cant wait to see it all come together, but I'm sure, the owners are just as anxious!
It’s funny how desperate I was to exit the Fashion industry. I ventured into event planning and claimed I would wash my hands of it in its entirety.  Life apparently had other plans.  After planning the best Strut 4 Autism Fashion Show yet, major opportunities began to pour through.  I am pleased to share that I will be the Show Coordinator for Stackpole Moore & Tryon’s part in the Power Moves 2015 Men’s Fashion Show on May 1st.   After party will be held at The Capital Grille on Front Street.  RSVP by emailing trillon.dukes@hartford.gov.  I hope to see you there!

The "Hartford Girl"
 With any idea comes a plan. The Hartford Girl Network was launched in January of this year,  the plan behind the creation of this event was influenced by a man who was a mentor and a father figure to me, Philip Schonberger. He was a Lover of Hartford and a city developer with one of the biggest and kindest heart.  He took me under his wings, offered me a space to work from and helped me navigate through the entrepreneurial and personal world.  He was one of the models who walked in my Strut 4 Autism Charity Fashion Show on Saturday, April 18th.   He passed 2 days after my event.  It is a hard reality and reminder that life can be so hard at times.  Phil inspired and taught me so much and opened me up to a world and a mindset I didn’t even know existed.  I will forever be grateful for his love and generosity and will miss him dearly.

The "Hartford Girl"
As I mentioned before, I never realised Bingo could be so much fun!  With that in mind, I am so pleased to share the latest addition to my event planning firm, (Carmen Veal Events ) themed bingo events.  Beginning the 1st Tuesday after Memorial Day (May 25th) my event planning firm, will host a series of Happy Hour Bingos at locations across the city.  Endorsed and sponsored by the City of Hartford’s MECA (Marketing, Events & Cultural Affairs) division, I will be hosting a different theme at a new location every Tuesday until the end of July.  Best of all, Carmen Veal's Event Planning  can be hired to create and host a special themed bingo at ANY event!   I recently did a test run by hosting a game, at a Natural Hair themed Bingo Brunch a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME !!!

So, stay tuned for a special email announcement of my whereabouts, It may be right in your vicinity ;)
The Trashion Fashion Show is the world's first fashion show that brings together dance, live music, and creative demonstrations of wearable art- all in a fun, energetic evening. It is a multi-city show, born in Hartford, that helps demonstrate what can be accomplished with re-purposed materials and inspires awareness of sustainability.
The Trashion Soiree is 21+ on April 25th from 7-9pm at Hartford City Hall. This event will have a conscience cocktail hour, food from local restaurants, live music, dance performances and our curated choreographed trashion runway.
Strut 4 Autism showcases designs from local boutiques that will be modeled by community figures.  It will also honor autism caregivers for their efforts with caring for their autistic child.

This combination 6th annual fashion show and autism award ceremony costs $30 per person. The evening begins with a silent auction and cocktail reception at 6:30 and is followed by a fashion show and autism award ceremony at 7:30 p.m.
For five days only Hartford Girl and Amy from Trashion Fashion Soiree will offer a combined discount of $10 off tickets with this promo code: hartfordgirl. This is for anyone who attends both the Strut for Autism on April 18th and Trashion Fashion Soiree on April 25th. Purchase your ticket by clicking the event flyers shown above.