The Hartford Girl has made its way to one of Hartford's surrounding towns, and the stop is none other than Nora’s Cupcakes!  For the past year, I’ve seen their logo posted on so many awesome event photos, I have tried cupcakes from their mobile cupcake truck and now I  have the opportunity to work with them for my upcoming 6th Annual Strut 4 Autism Fashion Show & Silent Auction on April 18th.  This Shop is way cool!  It not only features their tasty treats, but its a gallery for artists to especially showcase their work. Like myself, the community holds a very special place in Nora’s Cupcakes heart and I’m so thrilled to be able to feature this location on Hartford Girl and I strongly recommend that you visit them too.

 If you’re around on April 18th, please join me at my most special event of the year, Strut 4 Autism!  There will be a cupcake bar created by Nora’s Cupcakes!  Enjoy a few trips from my super fun (and sweet)treat!


The "Hartford Girl"



10/22/2015 9:20am

I wish I could taste these cupcakes. I think they were great!

10/27/2015 11:57am

Nora’s Cupcakes are really special ones. They are really wonderful cupcakes. It's like a cupcake of smile and happiness. That's a really amazing blog about Nora’s Cupcakes. She really deserves that appreciation. I must say, who ever go there should try her cupcakes, they are the best in the town.

09/26/2016 12:44am

Classified within an interesting blog that I love being able to linger long sangta here to find cool and interesting information.

01/07/2017 10:54am

this cupcakes are famous already! I would love to taste them!


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