For the love of wine!  A personal favorite and a great location to enjoy it, Spiritus offers wine tastings not once but twice per week!  The staff is pleasant and the tastings are fun.  Grab a friend (or two or three) and head down.  Parking right out front is FREE for the first 20 minutes. Hope to see you there, Thursdays (4-7 PM) or Saturdays (1-4 PM)!

Location: 220 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT 06103 United States Visit the Spiritus website here!



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05/11/2016 12:43pm

Obviously, it is a great news for wine lovers as they have a highly impressive offer of tasting wine twice a week. And another good thing is about parking that is free for first 20 minutes.

05/24/2017 2:55pm

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