Full disclosure: Kevin Paro, partner & wealth manager at Connecticut Casualty, is a significant person in my life and an awesome financial advisor. Kevin is a down-to-earth guy who is knowledgeable in his field. I run just about every thought by him for a judgment-free, insightful opinion on my insurance and financial needs. Now I’d like to extend my secret weapon to you—a consultation with Kevin is free; in fact, you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket, ever.

Services Offered:

Retirement Planning, Investments, Life, Health, Auto, Home, & Business Insurance

An exclusive Hartford Girl offer:

Complimentary Financial Consultation & FREE subscription to Connecticut Casualty's industry leading wealth management software.

Contact Kevin via phone at 860-479-3883 or email: kevin@ctcasualty.com



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Great news! People can't resist such an opportunity to get a free consultation with Kevin Paro. It's a great pleasure to work with such an awesome financial advisor as Kevin.

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