I must state the obvious: Music and food are recipes for an event run well. Offer great music and great food and folks will have a damned good time. This Hartford Girl FUN feature is brought to you by a love of live music and good food. My music-loving significant other will celebrate his big 3-O in the company of three wonderful live bands at Hot Tomato’s. Yes, this is the same restaurant that I decided to highlight via the Hartford Girl EAT feature. This event is FREE, features local (and not-so-local)artists, and is located at a wonderful establishment. I don’t know about you, but this one screams one of my favorite words: COMMUNITY. I’d be crazy not to share! 


Many people are interest attend the live concert. This is en joyful moment of your life. Every singer always introduces the unique song. Therefore for children who will want the trainer to be of help to them as they do their work they should ensure good class organization.

11/19/2016 3:22am

Christian music has come a long way from the church-sanctioned melancholy chants of centuries gone by. It has rich history going back several hundred years. In fact, the earliest music manuscripts were of church origin.

12/15/2016 4:55am

I think there are now a number of sites that help you for online music playing as well as listening. Hope these are the best source which will enhance the music playing skills for a number of people.


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