My first post on Hartford Girl is one that means so much to me! Besides the fact that this tasty caffeinated beverage is an occasional seasonal fav, the place it was created is where the concept behind Hartford Girl was initiated! With the support of a few special individuals in my life and Jojo's complimentary wifi, I was able to launch Hartford Girl! Jojo's is a brick or mortar coffee shop located on Pratt Street in the capitol city, downtown Hartford.

Jojo's is nestled on Pratt Street downtown Hartford and is a must try! Want to pay them a visit? Check out their detailed listing in the Hartford Girl black book here!



03/22/2016 3:33am

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I don't usually drink coffee. I was raised to having milk at my side. I drink milk in the house three times a day, excluding there my milk drinking time whenever I am outside or when I am in school. I always prefer to buy Cow's milk in a pack. But during my college days, I had a very hectic schedule that I had to be awake all night. By that time, I started to learn to drink a cup of coffee. It unleashes my dizziness so I could actively do all my work.

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